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Horsman Solicitors will defend and uphold your rights against any  criminal allegation made against you. We provide representation at the Magistrates and Crown Court throughout Sussex and the South East of England.


Our Solicitors appear at Brighton Magistrates Court and our Barristers at the Lewes Crown Courts for our clients, on a daily basis.

We will defend and uphold your rights against any criminal allegation made against you.

Horsman Solicitors Criminal Defence Specialists


Our firm is established with a team of highly experienced and qualified staff. For our clients in the Crown Court, we work closely with local and regional independent Barristers Chambers to ensure your Barrister is one who cares about your case and you. We will personally prepare your case and ensure a highly effective Barrister is instructed and up to date with your instructions to properly represent you.

Our Legal Team at Horsman Solicitors

Crime Scene Tape

Andy Horsman

Managing Director and Solicitor, since 1996

Andy is well known and highly regarded by existing clients, for his work as a specialist Criminal Defence Solicitor in the Brighton area. Over the years, he has built up a legal team of highly skilled and dedicated staff, so as to ensure the firm's clients continue to have the best possible defences and representation available to them. Running his own firm since the 1990's, Andy is vastly experienced and always available to help his clients with any criminal allegation you may be accused of. He oversees the running of the Criminal Defence Solicitors.

Josie Sonnessa

Qualified since 2006

Josie represents our clients in the police station, youth and Magistrates Courts, further qualifying as a Higher Court Advocate, she brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to also represent the firm's clients herself, in the Crown Court.

Josie also manages the firms Crown Court department, liaising closely with local and London Chambers to ensure thorough and experienced Barristers are instructed to best represent each case.

Josie with her vast legal knowledge is highly regarded by Crown Court Judges in her attention to detail in personally preparing each case, which ensures the best possible preparation and outcome for every client in the Crown Court.

Cathy Walker

Magistrates Court Advocate, since 2008

Since 2001 when Cathy passed her Police Station Representative qualifications, she has worked for a number of Criminal Defence Firms in East Sussex. In 2008 Cathy further qualified as a Magistrates Court Advocate. Joining our firm in 2015, Cathy now represents our clients at the Police Station, Youth and Magistrates Court bringing a wealth of experience with her.

Salome Verrell

Solicitor, since 1998

Representing the Firms clients at the Police Station and Magistrates Courts, Sal is highly skilled in her legal argument, combining her workload at Horsman Solicitors, whilst teaching Law as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Law in London.

Ramin Shamsolahi

Solicitor, since 2009

Ramin represents the firms clients in the Police Station and covers the whole range of criminal allegations in the Youth and Magistrates Courts. He has extensive knowledge of criminal law and procedures.

Jennifer Law

Solicitor, since 2010

Jen qualified as a Solicitor in 2010 practicing in areas of Criminal Law and Family Law. Joining our firm in 2016, Jen now represents our clients at the Police Station and Magistrates Court in defending the whole range of any criminal allegations you may be accused of.

Michael Weeks

Solicitor, since 1978

Originally practicing in East Sussex as a defence solicitor, Michael further qualified as a Higher Court Advocate in Reading. Joining our firm in 2017, Michael brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with him to represent the firm’s clients at the Police Station and the Courts, so adding to the quality of Horsman Solicitors Legal Team.

Andrew Foreman

Solicitor, since 1999

Having worked in Criminal Defence in Brighton for a number of years, Andy brings his vast knowledge and experience to our Firm, in representing our clients both at the Magistrates Court and the Police Station.

Mark Charnley

Solicitor, since 1990

Mark has vast experience and a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of criminal defence work, representing clients in Cornwall for the past 20 years, before returning to the South Coast and joining our firm in 2022. He further qualified as a Higher Court Advocate in 2010, allowing his legal skills and persuasive argument on behalf of clients, to be utilised in the Crown Court.

Sam Malekshahi

Qualified since 2022

After working in the legal sector in West Sussex, Sam joined our firm in 2022 and quickly became qualified to represent our firm's clients at the police station stage.

Sam now manages our Police Sation department, working closely with our Solicitors to ensure your interview process and procedures thereafter are thoroughly investigated on your behalf.

Kim Fanshawe

Qualified, since 1994 - Police Station Representative

Kim brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the firm in representing our clients at the Police Station, on a freelance basis. With many years of dealing with all criminal allegations, Kim will ensure you are properly represented when you require our firms help, at the Police Station.


The Glory of a Good Lawyer Is to Win a Bad Trial.

( Balzac)

Horsman Solicitors Criminal Defence Specialists

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Due to our expertise as Criminal Defence Solicitors, established since the 1990's, we continue to provide a comprehensive, efficient and professional service to our clients, that is second to none.


In 2014 Horsman Solicitors obtained Lexcel, being the Law Society's approval of our commitment to client care and practice management, to the highest standard.

Horsman Solicitors Criminal Defence Specialists

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Horsman Solicitors will defend and uphold your rights against any criminal allegation made against you.

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