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Solicitors & Advocates representing clients since the 1990's

We will uphold your rights and defend you against any criminal allegations made against you.

If you have been arrested ....

Anyone arrested at a POLICE STATION when asking for Horsman Solicitors, is entitled to Free Independent Advice irrespective of your income. This is due to our firms experience, quality controls and contract with the Legal Aid Agency.

If your friend or a family member is detained at a Police Station, you can also call us to represent them. We are always at Brighton Police Station.

If you have been bailed to go back to the Police Station at a future date, again we can attend with you.

Many cases are won or lost at this early stage

It is crucial to obtain advice in person from Horsman Solicitors, as to any potential evidence against you, before answering any questions from the Police.

24hr representation at any Police Station throughout Sussex, every day

Our emergency 'out of hours' number is

01733 709060


We are on call at all Police Stations throughout Sussex,

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Introducing our law firm

We will defend you against any allegation made against you


Robbery, burglary, theft, handling stolen goods

Domestic violence, stalking and harassment

Child cruelty

Violent crime

Rape and sexual offences

Murder, attempted murder and manslaughter

Road traffic offences including drink and drug driving

Drug and alcohol related offences

Offensive and prohibited weapons

Criminal damage and arson

Internet crime including indecent Images

Benefit fraud, money laundering and tax offences

Public order offences

Local authority prosecutions

Dangerous dogs and animal welfare offences

Criminal Solicitors - Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.


We provide specialist defence expertise, to help you ...


Police Station

Anyone arrested at a

POLICE STATION, when asking for Horsman Solicitors, is entitled to FREE and independent advice, irrespective of your income.

This is due to our firms experience, quality controls and contract with the Legal Aid Agency.



Magistrates Court

Due to our expertise and commitment to our clients, we are often asked to attend the Magistrates Court's across the whole of Sussex and throughout the South East of England.

We act in relation to all criminal allegations that come before the Magistrates Court's, under our firm's legal aid contract. 



Crown Court Hearings

Horsman Solicitors will defend and uphold your rights against any criminal allegation made against you. We have extensive knowledge of the law, evidence and procedures to ensure your case is thoroughly prepared.

We will also ensure a highly effective Barrister is instructed to represent you at the Crown Court.



Traffic Offences

Horsman Solicitors have a wealth of experience in representing clients in all Road Traffic Offences, both in the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

Such cases that come before the courts, range from speeding allegations, drink-driving offences, to more serious dangerous driving charges.


Horsman Solicitors Criminal Defence Specialists

Call us for a free consultation ...

Horsman Solicitors will defend and uphold your rights against any criminal allegation made against you.

Monday-Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

01273 474743

Emergency out of hours

01733 709060

There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)

Horsman Solicitors Criminal Defence Specialists

Our latest verdicts ... defended by: HORSMAN SOLICITORS

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