Funding Your Case


We have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency, which allows us to represent clients on Legal Aid, as our firm is quality controlled by the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Any work we undertake at the Police Station if free to you, as it is not subject to means testing, by the Government.

Cases in the Magistrates and Crown Court, are now subject to means testing by the Legal Aid Agency, who will decide if you qualify for Legal Aid or not. Horsman Solicitors can help you apply for legal aid at any time.

In the Magistrates Court, if your income is over £12,475.00 per annum, your application for Legal Aid will be subject to means testing by the Court. This requires you providing proof of income, savings, assets, housing costs, etc, to the Magistrates Court.

If your case remains in the Magistrates Court, the Court may refuse you legal Aid, if your income exceeds the prescribed limits.

If your case goes to the Crown Court, the Court Service will determine if your Disposable Household income exceeds £37,500 per annum. That will be based on the financial information you provide them. If you don't provide the information the Court ask you for, or you are above the financial threshold test the Government impose, they will not grant you Legal Aid.

We can appeal a decision for you, where your Household Income is over that limit, if we can establish that you can not afford to pay Horsman Solicitors and Barristers, for your entire defence on a private - paying basis. Then if legal aid is granted on such an appeal, the Legal Aid Agency can make you pay them a monthly contribution, which they will work out, towards your legal aid by way of a contribution. Any legal aid contributions either out of Capital or Income , are paid by you directly to the Legal Aid Agency, without any reference or involvement to Horsman Solicitors.

For further details, please refer to where you will find a step by step guide to means assessment by the Courts for Legal Aid. Also please refer, or ask for a copy of our firms leaflet on " Legal Aid Entitlement", which may assist you.

The Magistrates Court can say that some cases and standard road traffic matters, do not attract legal aid as a general principle, irrespective of means testing.

If your case falls outside Legal Aid, due either to what the Court regard as a minor allegation, or your income exceeds the prescribed levels, then you can instruct Horsman Solicitors, on a private paying basis.

As every case and every person's financial position is different, we do not outline a set table of charges, instead speak to Andy Horsman on 01273 474743 or by e-mail to discuss methods of payment and level of fees that will be tailored to your needs.

You will find our rates very competitive in providing a top class professional service to you. Please refer to our Road Traffic page for additional information on motoring cases.

Those agreed fees, either at any hourly rate or by a fixed-fee, will then be confirmed and agreed in writing with you, before any work is undertaken on your behalf.