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Assault Police Trial

Our Client elected Crown Court trial, after 2 days of trial proceedings, a Not Guilty verdict was returned by the Jury following representation by our in-house Barrister at Chichester Crown Court.

ST - Chi.Crown Court.

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S18 GBH dropped at Chichester Crown Court

At the start of trial, our in-house Barrister advanced legal argument which persuaded the Court to accept a lesser plea of Wounding, to which a non custodial sentence was then passed for our client,

Case Dismissed at Chichester Crown Court

Witness Intimidation and assault charges, listed for Trial , represented by our in-house Barrister who put forward legal argument, persuading the CPS to offer no evidence at Trial for our client. TNP

Wimbledon Magistrates Court

Lengthy mitigation at sentencing for knife crime, persuaded the Court to suspend the term of imprisonment for our client, we are pleased to report. AH