Brighton Police Station

Anyone arrested at a Police Station, when asking for Horsman Solicitors, is entitled to FREE and independent advice, irrespective of your income. This is due to our firms experience, quality controls and contract with the Legal Aid Agency.

If your friend or family member are detained at a Police Station, you can call us to represent them. We are always at Brighton Police Station.

If you have been bailed to go back to the Police Station at a future date, again we can attend with you.

Many cases are won or lost at this early stage, it is therefore crucial to obtain advice in person from Horsman Solicitors , as to any potential evidence against you, before answering any questions from the Police.

As a specialist Criminal Defence Solicitor, employing a number of Solicitors and Barristers, Horsman Solicitors provide 24 hour round the clock representation at the Police Station, for our clients. Our firm only deals with Criminal Defence Work.

Our emergency out of hours number is 01733 709060

Horsman Solicitors staff are always available to help our clients.


When you ask for Horsman Solicitors at the Police Station, this will NOT delay your time in custody, as the Police may suggest.

We are here to uphold your rights and defend any person who is arrested and suspected of any criminal allegation. This includes our attendance with you at other agencies, for example, benefits office, HMRC, and Trading Standards Investigations.

Contact Horsman Solicitors now for any query you may have, regarding Legal Advice at the Police Station.